"W is for Wadi"

DS9: ensemble, Dax/male; Rated PG; drabble; Alphabet Series #23

"The Wadi were certainly a... unique race," Sisko said, ever the diplomat.

"They were good for business. At least for a while," Quark complained.

"I'm glad they're gone. They wouldn't have been my first choice of aliens to come through the wormhole."

Nog pointed out to Odo, "We don't know any other Gamma Quadrant aliens."

Odo crossed his arms and glared at the Ferengi.

"They put us in danger, but they were good in bed," Jadzia sighed dramatically.

Julian's mouth fell open. "What? When did you get a chance--?"

Sisko chuckled. "Like I said, the Wadi were certainly unique."

Copyright September 2006 by Cait N.

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