"U is for Ullian"

TNG/DS9; Rated G; drabble; Alphabet Series #21

"I made the fire look accidental. He won't be missed."

The Breen leader looked at the prisoner, recently "liberated" from an Ullian psychiatric facility. "Good. And you're sure his 'talents' are genuine?"

"It's no secret the Ullians' past is littered with cases of psychic assault and rape. Though it's widely held that they have evolved beyond such barbaric behavior."

Thot Pran laughed. "Jev must be the aberration."

"Reading the reports of what he accomplished on Enterprise, I think he will be a useful tool in the war."

"You're positive he'll help us?"

"I guarantee he will, one way or another."

Copyright August 2006 by Cait N.

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