"The Triumph of Time"

TNG: Crusher, Picard; Rated G; drabble

2004 ASCEML Awards - 2nd Place TNG Drabbles

Jean-Luc walked her home that night, a favor to Jack who was late for his duty watch. She hesitated on her doorstep.


"We can't."

"I know, you're Jack's girl. I know it in my head, but in here," he pointed to his heart, "you'll always be mine." He caressed her cheek. "I'll wait for you, Beverly. Forever."

With a small cry, she turned and fled into the safety of her dorm....

Twenty-one years later he stood in the transporter room of the Enterprise, watching Beverly head for Starfleet Medical and a life that didn't include him.

"Forever," he whispered.

Copyright 2004 by Cait N.

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