Txt files of all my stories.

Here are most of my stories. The older, first-ones-I-ever-wrote are still on the website, in txt format. Click the link above if you want to read something pre-2004.



Luck Be a Lady [2006] Riker's hit a losing streak when it comes to the weekly poker game. Wonder what caused it? [PG] (Riker/Troi) Takes place aboard the Titan. Also an entry in the Bad Luck Challenge.



Attente [2004] Degra's thoughts on the whole Earth vs. Xindi thing. (drabble)

No past is dead for us, but only sleeping [2007] What is the real reason Hoshi took the posting aboard Enterprise? [G] (Archer/Sato; 2007 Challenge Me! Drabble Series)

Shaken, Not Stirred [2004] Just another movie night. [PG](Tucker/Reed; double drabble)

State of Phlox [2006] Phlox has a hot date. [R] (T'Pol/Phlox; drabble; Bad Character Title Challenge)

The Best Man For the Job is a Woman [2006] Hoshi is on a personal mission involving T'Pol, sex and a pair of panties. [NC-17] Written for the FFF.

You Learn Something New Every Day [2004] T'Pol has to give Amanda Cole some neuro-pressure sessions. [R] (Written for the FFF. T'Pol/Amanda Cole)



A Slip of the Tongue [2005] A horrible misuse of an old expression. (Spock/McCoy, Kirk)

Amok Snakes [2006] Crack!fic for Lyrastar's birthday. [G] (Kirk, Spock, McCoy; drabble)

As it Seems [2005] He's gay?! (Kirk/m, Uhura, Chekov)

Cry Amok and Let Loose the Vulcan Whore [2005] "Bad Title" challenge. (Stonn/T'Pring, Kirk; drabble)

Concentration is Everything [2005] I don't believe Uhura taught herself to play the Vulcan lyre. Spock had to have given her lessons. And I imagine those lessons went something like this... [G/PG]

Done Kirk [2004] "Bad Title" Challenge (Kirk/Spock; drabble)

Look But Don't Touch [2004] Never mess with a woman's hair! (M'Ress/Uhura; drabble)

Lyre, Lyre [2005] A follow up to "Concentration is Everything." From Spock's pov. [G]

MIS-understanding [2004] Spock still doesn't quite grasp some human holiday traditions. (Kirk/Spock)

Oh What a Night [2005] Follow up to my story "You Don't Say." [PG] (Kirk&Rand, Kirk/Uhura; drabble)

Old Habits Die Hard [2005] Kirk just can't help himself! (Based on a scene from Star Trek II. Kirk/Spock)

Red's Her Color [2005] When a relationship is over, do we ever truly forget? (Sulu/Rand, Kirk/Rand; double drabble)

Shades of Green [2005] Kirk has been bitten by the green-eyed monster known as Jealousy. [PG] (Kirk, Spock/McCoy; double drabble)

Slipping Between the Cracks [2005] Spock's done something wrong? Say it ain't so! (Spock/McCoy)

Southern Comfort [2004] Chapel sees something she'd just as soon forget. [R] (McCoy/grapefruit, Chapel; drabble)

The Other Corbomite Maneuver[2006] Another take on the episode with [almost] the same name. [PG] (Kirk/Spock, McCoy) Also an entry in The "Other" Challenge.

To Err is Human [2005] McCoy has a romantic evening planned for Valentine's Day. It's interesting what one mistake can lead to. (The poem that McCoy writes is actually by Jason Paul Fox.) (Spock/McCoy)

You Don't Say [2005] Much silliness with Kirk, Rand and a carton of Peeps! (Written so that the Peeps can have a category of their own on ASC.) (drabble)



Don't Sit Under the Palmetto Tree [2004] Takes place in 2369. Barclay and Lefler get tricked by Counselor Troi. Written for the Barclay Fuh-Q-Fest -- Challenge: Set a story somewhere *other* than on one of the Enterprises, DS9 or Voyager./Your characters do something most unusual or indiscreet in plain view of the general public.

Figure the Odds [2007] "Rascals" dejavu - sort of. [PG] (Picard & Crusher; Challenge Me! 2007 Drabble Series)

Letting Go [2005] Sometimes no matter how much we love them, we have to let them go. [PG-13] (Picard/male, Challenge Me! 2005 Drabble Series)

Morpheus [2005] Picard can't escape a ghost from his past. [PG-13] (Picard/Borg Queen, Challenge Me! 2005 Drabble Series)

Picard Game [2006] Picard's date book is full. [R] (Picard/Crusher, Picard/Q) Also an entry in the Bad Character Title Challenge.

The Triumph of Time [2004] A Picard/Crusher drabble. [G]

Workout [2004] Riker and Worf get sweaty. Written for lyra because she asked nicely. [R]



A Thousand Doors [2004] For Stephen's Call of Duty challenge. Death is the one constant in life. [G] (Garak, Kira, Bashir; drabble)

Exit Signs [2004] For Stephen's Call of Duty challenge. Trust is something that's hard to earn. [G] (Sisko, Garak; drabble)

I've Got a Tiger By the Tail [2006] Ro wants to command DS9. Or does she? [PG-13] (Ezri/Ro Laren) Takes place after the end of the series (loosely based on the DS9 Avatar books).

Kira for the Common Cold [2006] Will we ever find a cure for the common cold? [PG] (Kira/Ezri, drabble; Bad Character Title Challenge)

New Friends and Old Lovers [2005] A possible missing scene from the episode "Let He Who is Without Sin..." [R] (Jadzia/Arandis)

Obligation [2004] For Stephen's Call of Duty challenge. Duty isn't always a happy thing you know. [G] (Jake; drabble)

Pillow Talk [2005] The title says it all. [R] (Sisko/Worf; drabble)

Sounds Like? [2006] Be careful what you say and how you say it. [PG] (Bashir, Quark; drabble)

T for Two [2005] Sisko, Bashir and the bedroom. [G] (Sisko/Bashir; drabble)

What We Shared [2002] Garak sees an old friend on the street and recalls happier times. Takes place approximately 26 years after the end of the Dominion War. [PG] (Bashir/Ezri implied, Garak & Bashir)

Stories in the Friends and Lovers Series:
  With Good Intentions [2005] Kira has a bad day, Quark steps over the line, and Ezri makes a proposition. [R] (Kira & Ezri)
  Read My Lips [2006] Ezri wants some "alone" time. [PG]
  Ro, Ro Your Boat [2006] Sex in the Commander's office? [PG] (Ezri/Ro Laren) Bad Character Title Challenge.
  What I've Become [2006] Kira's not happy with who she's become. [PG] (drabble)



A is for... [2005] Ever think of adjectives that describe you, using the letters in your name? (Janeway/B'Elanna; drabble)

Adagio [2004] If Janeway and Chakotay had met at the Academy...

All I Want for Christmas Poor Tom! [G] (Paris/Torres; drabble)

Best Woman Wins [2006] Just who will end up with Chakotay's affections? [PG] (Janeway/Chakotay, Chakotay/Seven) Also an entry in the Country Song Challenge.

Children of an Idle Mind [2003] Even the Borg Queen needs to regenerate.

Ex-Q's Me [2003] Set shortly after the 7th season episode Q2. Q tells "Kathy" that the female Q left him. The female Q tells "Tattoo Boy" that Q left her. Just what are the two Q up to now?

Fifth Time's the Charm [2004] Chakotay tries to get Kathryn to see things his way. [PG]

Katie in Beige Chakotay is seeing his Captain in a whole new light.

No Quick Cure [2005] A livejournal challenge. (EMH, Celes; drabble)

Own the Day [2004] The hardest letter Harry Kim ever had to write. . . . [G]

Raconteur [2002] The Captain's personal yacht has it's own stories to tell! [PG]

Shadows of Actions [2005] A missing scene from the episode "Repression." [PG]

She Blinded Me [2002] B'Elanna finds out some disturbing news about Tom and feels the need to vent... to Harry? [R]

The Things We Do For Love [2005] "I'll pick out something sexy for you to wear, and you pick out something for me." Sounds simple, huh? Not when Kathryn and Chakotay are involved. [PG] (drabble)



Bumpy Ride [New Frontier] Calhoun's new command is off to an interesting start. [G]

Orientation, TSU Style [2006] Orientation at TSU is always unpredictable. [PG]

Alphabet Series [2006] - Series of drabbles based on the letters of the alphabet. They all deal with a particular race.
  A is for Andorian DS9 [PG] (Bashir/male)
  B is for Bajoran DS9 [PG] (Jake&Nog)
  C is for Cardassian DS9 [G] (Damar, Kira)
  D is for Deltan TOS [PG] (Rand, Ilia)
  E is for Elasian TOS [G] (Kirk/Spock)
  F is for Ferengi DS9 [PG] (Quark, Dax/Ishka)
  G is for Gorn TNG [G] (Picard, Madden)
  H is for Haakonian VOY [PG] (m, f)
  I is for Iconian TNG [PG] (m/f)
  J is for Jem'hadar DS9 [R] (Kira, Ezri)
  K is for Klingon TOS [PG] (Spock, McCoy, K/m)
  L is for Lurian DS9 [PG] (Ezri, Quark, Jadzia/m)
  M is for Mugato TOS/VOY [R] (Janeway, Torres, Kirk/m)
  N is for Nausicaan ENT [R] (Hosi, Cutler, Phlox)
  O is for Ocampa VOY [G] (m/f)
  P is for Pakled TNG [PG] (La Forge)
  Q is for Q TNG [R] (Picard/Q)
  R is for Romulan TOS [PG] (m, f)
  S is for Suliban ENT [R]
  T is for Trill DS9 [G](Ezri)
  U is for Ullian TNG/DS9 [G]
  V is for Vulcan TOS [PG] (Kirk/Spock)
  W is for Wadi DS9 [PG] (ensemble, Dax/male)
  X is for Xindi ENT [G]
  Y is for Yridian DS9 [PG](Kira, Dax/male)
  Z is for Zaldan TNG [R] (Beverly/male)

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