"Southern Comfort"

TOS: Chapel, McCoy/Grapefruit; humor, drabble; Rated R

2004 ASCEML Awards -1st Place TOS Drabble

McCoy was lost in paradise. His cock was buried to the hilt, surrounded by comfortably tight, sweet goodness. He moaned, low and deep in his throat. He'd definitely have to thank Jim in the morning. Wondering how much longer he could last, he placed a hand on either side and started pumping in and out. The only sound in his office was the juicy squish of sex.

"Oh! Doctor, I'm so sorry!" Chapel flushed as she walked in on her boss -- her boss who was in the act of fucking a grapefruit.

To his credit, McCoy never broke his stride.

February 2004 by Cait N.

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