"You Learn Something New Every Day"

T'Pol/Amanda Cole; Rated R; FFF

FFF Silver Labia Awards, Round XIV - Best T'Pol Story
2004 ASCEML Awards - 2nd Place ENT Slash Vignette, 2nd Place ENT Vignette, 3rd Place ENT Challenge/Fest, 1st Place ENT Other Slash

"Mmmmmmmmmmm." Corporal Amanda Cole moaned low and long. The universe could open up at that moment, swallowing the ship whole, and she wouldn't care.

"I understand that you have started attending movie night," T'Pol said.

"I've been going," Amanda replied, wanting to stretch but not wanting to interrupt the magic T'Pol was making with her hands. "Maybe you just never noticed me before."

T'Pol made a neutral sound, and kept working on Amanda's calves.

They'd had a few sessions before, ever since Dr. Phlox suggest T'Pol be the one to instruct Amanda in Vulcan neuro-pressure instead of Command Tucker. The women had been wary at first, seeing in the other a rival for Trip's affection. It soon became clear that there was more than enough of the Commander to go around. At least that's what Amanda thought. The rumor mill had flared up with a report of a liaison between him and the resident Vulcan, but it'd quickly died out. There'd been no public displays of affection between the two, the neuro-pressure sessions hadn't increased, and neither one had asked to transfer. All sure signs that the rumor mill was, in this particular instance, off base.

T'Pol moved her hands down to Amanda's feet. She grasped the left one in her hand, and applied pressure to either side of the heel. "No more headaches?" It was something T'Pol asked every session.

"None." Amanda wondered what T'Pol would do if she stretched out her toes and touched her crotch. Probably wonder what in the Vulcan afterlife I've been smoking. Still, it might spice up an otherwise routine session. She'd have to give it some serious thought, just like she'd done last night in her quarters, just her and her trusty old vibrator.

T'Pol's hands moved downward, pressing on the bottom of Amanda's foot. She squealed and jerked her foot back.

"You said you weren't ticklish."

"I'm not, it's just that your touch is different from Trip's," Amanda said defensively. She hesitantly lowered her leg, putting her foot back into T'Pol's hands.

T'Pol tilted her head to the side. "Different how?"

Tricky territory, proceed with caution. Amanda shrugged. "Softer, more precise. If that makes any sense."

T'Pol, concentrating on the area just above Amanda's ankle, didn't answer.

"I think Lt. Reed and Major Hayes are becoming fast friends."

T'Pol raised an eyebrow. "What makes you say that?"

"Just something I've noticed. They don't snip at each other as much as they used to. And they even take their meals together sometimes."

"It is quite possible that they admire each other."

"Admiration, respect, friendship, love -- it's all cut from the same cloth." Amanda grinned. "That's an old saying of my grandmother's."


Interesting, indeed, were the sensations that T'Pol was causing with her hands. Amanda had no idea what they'd been talking about a moment before. All her attention was on the purl of desire floating up her body from T'Pol's hands. It snaked up her calf, rode the crest of her knee, detoured around her hipbone, and wormed its way toward her torso. Lazy tentacles fanned out and she could feel the telltale flush on her chest and face. She wondered if T'Pol would notice, then hoped she would.

She must have made a noise -- a gasp, or moan, or maybe even something even more damning -- because T'Pol asked, "Is anything wrong?"

Words failed her. She shook her head and bit her lip.

T'Pol moved positions. She got up and Amanda could here her maroon satin pajamas swishing against her skin. The top two buttons on the top were undone and the valley of her cleavage tempted Amanda to see if the surrounding hills were as appealing as the area between.

T'Pol knelt at Amanda's head, knees on either side, and leaned over her to manipulate points on either side of her abdomen. From her vantage point, all Amanda would have to do would be to reach up and cup those luscious mounds in her hands. So tempting right in front of her face.

With the "devil may care" attitude that caused her to sign up for the MACO's in the first place, Amanda reached up and acted out her thoughts.

T'Pol's hands paused. "May I inquire as to what you're doing?"

So formal. Sometimes she deserves the nickname 'prissy pants.' Amanda tested their weight. The left breast seemed slightly larger than the right one. Just like her own. "I'm just comparing," she finally answered.

"I see." T'Pol straightened and reached for a cup sitting on a tray nearby. She took a drink.

"What's that?" Amanda leaned up on her elbows to see better.

"Something Malcolm introduced me to. It's called noni juice." She held out the cup. "Would you like to try some?"

Amanda giggled. The connection in her brain wouldn't quit, and she laughed some more.

"I fail to see what is so funny, Corporal."

Amanda snorted. "Please, we've been having these sessions for how long now? Can't you at least call me Amanda, or Manda, when we're not on duty?"

"Very well," T'Pol set the cup down. "I fail to see what is so funny, Manda."

She couldn't help herself: T'Pol's formality sent her off into another short fit of giggles. When she could catch her breath, she asked her own question. "First of all, what is noni juice?"

"Noni is Hawaiian for a plant known scientifically as Morinda citrifolia. It is also known sometimes as Indian mulberry. and is virtually ubiquitous in tropical climes. Noni grows as a small evergreen tree at elevations of up to 1,300 feet. It has large oblong leaves, white flowers, and a very distinctive grenade-shaped fruit. The fruit turns a characteristic yellow upon ripening..."

"That's good enough," Amanda interrupted. "To answer your own question, I was laughing because of a connection that was made in my mind. The word 'noni' reminds me too much of 'punani'."

T'Pol creased her brow. "I don't see the connection. Punani is from the Ashanti word, meaning 'keyhole'."

"Well, maybe," Amanda explained, "in the technical sense it does. But in old Earth slang it means, well, pussy."

T'Pol raised her eyebrows. "Pussy."

"You do know what that means?"

"Yes, I am familiar with that word... Manda." She looked at the drink again. "I must see, I don't see a strong connection between juice from a Hawaiian flower and the female genitalia. Does one taste like the other?"

Amanda bit her lip. Oh my God! T'Pol was taking her connection literally! How to tell her... "I was saying they were similar, literally, just that the words sounded similar."


Amanda took the plunge. "But if you want to do a little experimenting..."

T'Pol's eyebrows went up again. "Are you suggesting..."

"Purely for research, of course!" Amanda wiggled out of her exercise shorts, leaving her clad in a tank top and thong panties. "I mean, stuck on a ship of humans -- well, except for Phlox and Porthos -- aren't you the least bit curious? Or horny?"

"Vulcan's do not get horny."


"But that does not mean that we are never curious," she continued.

Amanda grinned inside. She watched as T'Pol stood up and quickly shed her clothes without a shred of self-consciousness. She helped Amanda out of the rest of her clothes, and Amanda directed her into the right position.

"This is called 'sixty-nine'," she explained, "because if you place a six and nine..."

"Ah, I believe I understand," T'Pol interrupted. She settled between Amanda's thighs, using her hands to spread her open. With typical Vulcan concentration and single-mindedness, she immediately applied her mouth to Amanda's petal-pink punani.

Amanda didn't know which turned her on more: staring into the lightly green-tinted lips of T'Pol's pussy and anticipating diving in or the feel of T'Pol lips and tongue attacking her pussy with gusto. She took a few moments to enjoy the sensations and then attended to the alien delicacy in front of her.

The taste was sour, kind of like some candy popular with the young kids. Sour and earthy, but not disgusting. Thank God for that. In some way Amanda would have been disappointed if T'Pol's taste had turned her off.

The room was filled with the sounds of sucking, licking, moaning and heavy breathing. It was several minutes later when T'Pol raised her head. Face glistening with Amanda's juices she commented, "Not quite what I expected, but nice. Nothing like noni juice, I'm afraid to say."

Amanda reluctantly released T'Pol's distended clit from her mouth. "So your curiosity is satisfied?" Please say no, please say no.

T'Pol arched her back and lowered her head, looking at Amanda through the tunnel their bodies made. It was a funny look, since she was seeing everything upside down. "Not by any means."

Was that a smile playing around the corners of T'Pol's mouth? I'll be damned.

As T'Pol went back to "satisfying her curiosity," Amanda moaned and started using her fingers on T'Pol's pussy. She slid two fingers into her, feeling the other woman push against her, urging her on. Noni juice, punani, a curious Vulcan with emotions (maybe infinitesimal, but Amanda was convinced she'd seen her smile)... just goes to show that you learn something new every day.


Copyright May 2004 by Cait N.

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