"S is for Secrets"

NCIS; Ensemble; Rated PG-13

Everyone has secrets, little things that would be embarrassing - maybe even harmful - if they were made public knowledge.

Even NCIS agents.

Like the bottle Ducky keeps hidden in the third from the right morgue drawer. The one that gets replenished every month.

Or the embarrassing photo shoot McGee did in college.

Abby worries that a reckless indiscretion will come back to bite her in the ass. Sure, she was told it was expunged, but nothing is ever permanently deleted.

Palmer is into hardcore bondage.

Kate has a crush on Tony.

Tony has a crush on his boss. And Kate. And a tiny one on Abby.

And even Leroy Jethro Gibbs has a secret. In a non-descript warehouse by the docks, sits a fully assembled and sea-worthy sailboat - "Kelly" loving painted across the bow -waiting for the day it will sail upon the water.


Copyright 2010 by Cait N.

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Disclaimer: All characters are property of Donald P. Bellisario. No infringement intended.