"Ro, Ro Your Boat"

DS9: Ezri/Ro Laren; Rated PG; Part of the Friends & Lovers Series

She'd overslept that morning, she couldn't find her combadge and she'd completely forgotten about an eight o'clock counseling appointment. The young Bajoran woman had been very nice about having to wait, but Ezri was afraid it was a bad omen for the rest of her Monday. Maybe the time would pass quickly, and she could put the day behind her.

She was supposed to meet Ro for lunch at the new Andorian restaurant that'd just opened up on the Promenade. It'd come highly recommended by Science Officer, Thirishar ch'Thane. She had two hours to go when she was interrupted.

"Hey," Nog stuck his head inside Ezri's office, "You might want to check on Lieutenant Ro."

Ezri closed out the patient file she was updating and turned off her desktop terminal. "Ohhh-kay." She drawled out the word, having no idea what Nog was talking about. "She's in her office?"

"Uh." Nog looked uncomfortable. "Not exactly."

Ezri waited patiently, something she wasn't very good at.

"She's in the Brig," Nog declared and hurried away.

Ezri sighed. She knew Ro's past of course, had records of everyone on the station, but she'd thought that the security chief had put all that behind her.

"I wondered when you'd come find me." Ro looked at Ezri from behind the forcefield. "I thought it wouldn't be until after lunch. Glad I didn't bet on it."

Ezri felt a tug at her heart seeing Ro in the small cell. "Are you okay?"

Ro gestured to the bare walls around her. "Couldn't be better, actually. I've always valued my solitude." She pointedly ignored the guard posted by the outer door.

"How could you?" Ezri asked, anger replacing concern. "After the stunt in Kira's office I thought you'd learned your lesson."

Ro smiled. "Well, I don't have to ask if you know *why* I'm in here."

"You were caught," she lowered her voice, "sprawled out in your office, masturbating! What were you thinking? You could have at least locked the door!"

"Masturbating?" Ro shook her head. "That's the best you've got? I was 'paddling my own canoe,' 'rocking the little man in the boat,' 'wading through the-'."

"Stop!" Ezri tried not to smile. "I can see your vocabulary has increased since you've been hanging around Quark's."

"It was late; I forgot the doors were pretty much see-through; I was trying to work because I couldn't sleep. I got horny and decided to do something about it. I didn't even think to lock the doors."

"How mad was she when she found you?"

"Speechless for at least ten seconds." Ro smiled. "I wish I could have recorded the look on her face."

"Sometimes - most of the time - I don't understand you," Ezri confessed with a sigh.

Ro gave her a sheepish look. "Forgive me?"

"There's nothing to forgive except I still can't believe you were so reckless. You could have come to my quarters."

Ro gave Ezri a lascivious look. "Care to help me 'paddle my canoe' later?"

"How long did Kira put you in here for?"

"Twenty-four hours." She figured in her head. "I'll see you in sixteen hours?"

Ezri blew her a kiss and then wiggled her fingers in the air. "I'll make sure my 'paddles' are nice and limber."

She walked out to the sound of Ro's laughter.

Copyright October 2006 by Cait N.

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