"rock, paper, scissors"

SPN; Dean & Sam; Rated PG

"Aw, come on, Sammy."

"No. I'm not going."

Dean tried again. "She invited us both. Well, okay, she invited me, but she said I could bring a friend." He smiled widely. "I pick you."

Sam kept his eyes on his laptop. "I'm not going to a stupid Halloween party."

"Stupid?" Dean couldn't keep the astonishment out of his voice. "It'll be kick-ass. Just one day out of the year we can forget chasing demons, forget the near-impossible task ahead of us. One night to cut loose and have some fun."

"Not interested."

Dean wasn't ready to give up, not by a long shot. "I've already picked out our costumes." He dug around in a large paper bag. Drawing out skin-tight black trousers, and matching shirt that was open almost to the waist, he admired them lovingly. "I'm going as Zorro, complete with hat and mask, of course."

"That's a surprise," Sam muttered sarcastically.

"I got something for you, too." He reached back into the bag and emerged with a handful of brown fabric.

Sam looked at it skeptically and squinted. "Is that a plastic gun? What am I supposed to be? Howdy Doody?"

"You're a cowboy!"

Sam shook his head and went back to his computer.

Dean tossed the costumes back in the sack. "It was all the costume shop had at this late hour." In a swift move he closed Sam's laptop, effectively gaining his brother's undivided attention. "When was the last time I asked you for a favor?"

Sam replied without hesitation. "At lunch, when you asked me to wait in the car while you 'gave the waitress a tip.' You were gone over thirty minutes, Dean."

Dean got a dreamy look on his face before realizing that right then wasn't the time or place for reminiscing. "I promise we won't stay long. Ten minutes. Give yourself ten minutes and if you're not having fun - which I guarantee you will - I'll give you the keys and you can leave, go back to the hotel." He waited expectantly, giving Sam the 'please do it for your one and only older brother' look that had worked so well when they were kids.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Oh yeah, he was having loads of fun.

Dean had deserted him less than ten seconds after walking into the place. Sam had stood there awkwardly for a few minutes, then wandered around and found the makeshift bar. Now he was nursing a beer and checking his watch to see if he'd been there ten minutes yet.

"What's the matter, got a hot date?"

Sam looked at the girl attached to the sexy voice. She was dressed as a flapper, complete with headband, fringed silky dress and bobbed red hair.

"Just killing time," he commented, going back to his beer.

"Until when? You turn into a..." She looked him up and down, from the tip of his brown Stetson-styled hat to the toe of his pointed boots. "...an Indian?" She smiled at her own joke and elbowed him, trying to get a reaction. Sam just grimaced.

"Man," she said, reaching across the counter-cum-bar and snagging a beer for herself, "what happened to make you hate Halloween so much?"

"I don't hate Halloween, it's just--"

"It was a ballet tutu and a Polaroid." Dean grinned at the girl. "Sorry for my brother's manners, but he doesn't get out much." He held out his hand. "I'm Dean."

The redhead shook his hand gingerly and smiled. "Tessie. Nice to meet you, Dean." She gestured to Sam with a tilt of her head. "Your brother have a name?"


"Helloooo." Sam waved his hand back and forth between the two of them. "I'm right here."

Tessie laughed, the tinkling of a glass wind chime. "So, Dean, you've piqued my attention. What's this about a ballerina costume and a photo?"

Sam's head hit the table in abject misery. True to form, Dean ignored him.

"Back when Sammy here was, I dunno, five or six, he decided he wanted to be like everyone else and go trick or treating."

"But my lame ass brother convinced me I didn't want to go as a werewolf, or vampire, or ghost or any other monster," Sam muttered.

"Sammy was terrified by the Tooth Fairy. 'She' never visited our house, for reasons I won't go into, but he'd heard about the tee eff from other kids his age, and the thought of someone creeping into his room at night, taking his teeth, well it scared the shit outta him."

Tessie giggled, then caught herself and sobered up. "Uh huh."

"So I snagged a tutu from a girlfriend at the time and convinced him that if he wanted to be the scariest mother fucker on the block, he should go as the Tooth Fairy." Dean grinned widely at the memories. "As only a big brother can, I helped him make a wand, pin the tutu so that it fit..."

"And snapped a picture for posterity?" Tessie supplied.

Sammy raised his head and answered testily, "And proceeded to pass it around at school the next day."

Tessie gasped and looked wide-eyed at Dean. "You didn't?"

"Hey," Dean explained, "we were kids, and besides, he lived through it."

"Poor thing," Tessie commiserated, moving to stand closer to Sam and rubbing his shoulder. "I have four older sisters so I can imagine some of the things you went through."

"Did any of your sisters ever convince you that if your house didn't have a chimney, Santa Claus came in through the toilet?"

Dean took that as a cue to leave. He tipped his beer at Sam and Tessie. "See ya," he said, disappearing into the crowd.

"I bet you looked cute in that tutu," Tessie said, getting them both another beer.

"Well," Sam gave a crooked smile. "I did get him back. It took me a couple of years, but eventually there was this can of rubber cement, half a roll of duct tape and a down pillow..."


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