"Read My Lips"

DS9: Kira/Ezri; Rated R; Part of the Friends and Lovers series

The chime sounded, and Ezri called, "Come in."

Julian stepped inside, and Ezri looked up from painting her toenails. "Hey, Julian."

"I just came by to see if you found anymore of my things?"

She nodded with her head toward a bag sitting near her desk. "Not much, but they're in there."

He took the bag, looking inside. "Two socks? That's it? And they don't even match?" He stood there, like he expected her to smile and say, "Just kidding! You have a whole shit-load of stuff in a box under the bed."

Ezri shrugged. "That's all I found. I guess you took everything else."

"You're going out tonight?" Julian was stalling, not ready to leave.

"Why do you say that?"

He gestured toward the nail polish. "You're doing your nails. You usually only do that if you're planning to go out."

She admired the shockingly bright red polish on her toes -- "I'm Not Just a Dabo Girl" the bottle said. "I'm doing it as a 'pick-me-up' Julian. I'm planning on staying in tonight. Have some 'me' time."

"I can see your bra through that shirt, Ezri. It's your red velvet 'I want to get laid' bra." His voice was petulant, jealousy in Starfleet teal.

Ezri sighed and put down the polish. "I wore this bra to work today because it was the only clean one I had and I didn't want to waste replicator credits on a new one. This is one of Ben's old shirts that I found shoved in the back of Jadzia's closet. I happen to like lounging around in it because it dwarfs me and makes me feel all snug and cozy and feminine. Now," she paused to look at the old-fashioned clock on her desk, "I don't want to be rude, but read my lips: you're cutting into my alone time."

He deflated like a leaky balloon. "Fine, I'll see you around."

Ezri watched as he left, feeling only a tiny bit guilty. He really did mean well, in a kind of annoying puppy-who-followed-you-home-and-wouldn't-leave kind of way. She put the polish away and glanced at the clock again. She went to the replicator and ordered a bowl of strawberries, a pitcher of heavy cream and a dish of sugar. After a little deliberation she ordered a Ktarian chocolate puff, too. You couldn't go wrong with chocolate and strawberries.

The chime sounded again, and Ezri placed the foodstuffs on the coffee table before answering the door.

Kira stood on the other side, bottle of AGP and two champagne glasses in hand. Kira eyed her as she stepped inside. "You look better than Bajoran spring wine after two weeks in a Cardassian prison." Ezri laughed at the absurdity of her words. "Get in here," she ordered, grabbing Kira by the front of her shirt. She kissed her lightly on the lips, pulling her into the room at the same time. Ezri drew back and ran her tongue across her own lips. "Been sampling the champagne without me?"

Kira grinned. "Just making sure it would be up to your exacting specifications." She put the bottle and glasses on the table next to the strawberries. "So how'd you get rid of Julian?"

"I told him I wanted some 'alone' time."

Kira raised her eyebrows. "You want to be alone? Because I thought you wanted me to come over for sex," she teased.

"I'll get my time alone after you sneak back to your quarters."

"Well, I thought he was never going to leave. I was prepared to fabricate an emergency to get him out of the way!"

Ezri laughed. "Just remember, 'All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get'."

"What?" Kira paused, a strawberry halfway to her mouth. "Are you saying I'm easy, or bad?"


Kira waved her hands around. "Okay, enough talk, kiss me again."

"Not so fast," Ezri chastised, wagging her finger in mock discipline. "I'm wearing my sexy bra for you; I painted my nails," Ezri showed off the aforementioned items as she listed them, "and even put on some Red-Alert-Red lipstick that I bought on the Promenade yesterday."

Kira studied Ezri then wrinkled her brow in puzzlement. "You're not wearing lipstick."

Ezri struck a pose that was outlawed in three different star systems and copyright-pending by the Orion Slave Girls Union. "Nerys, love, you're looking at the wrong lips."


Copyright March 2006 by Cait N.

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