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(Rated PG-13 for sexual references.)
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You wouldn't think I had many stories to tell, being as isolated as I am, but oh the stories I could tell! Even so, I'd trade them all if only I could be seen for what I truly am: an invaluable part of Voyager.

Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I am the AeroWing Mark-1, personal shuttlecraft to Voyager's captain. So far I've only had the pleasure of serving under one captain: Captain Kathryn Janeway. I use the word "serve" in the general sense, given that I've never actually left my shuttle bay.

Since I've never left my "home" how can I have stories to regale and amuse you with? It's easy -- the bio-neural gel packs. Yes, them. You want to know how often Tuvok meditates, the color underwear Torres prefers, how many cups of coffee the Captain drinks a day or how frequently Chakotay stares at said Captain during the course of one shift, ask the gel packs. They are the eyes and ears of Voyager, not the crew.

Also, just because I've never had my warp drive fired up, doesn't mean I haven't seen any action. Just not the kind I was hoping for. It seems that I am the preferred trysting place for Janeway and Chakotay. The rest of the crew might join in on one of Paris's betting pools to guess the date they'll finally give in to their attraction, but I can tell you, they succumbed back on . . . well, I need to keep some secrets, I suppose. But I can tell you, my deckplates have practically melted beneath the heat those two can generate! I don't think there's a position they haven't tried. Those two are no missionaries, I can assure you. And the toys they've experimented with! Handcuffs, blindfolds, vibrators, paints, leather. I never dreamed that feathers could be used in such a way! And if I had cheeks, I would have blushed when they used the honey. I swear, I've never seen two hornier humans, and during my construction, I saw a lot. I'll save those stories for another day, though.

Janeway and her eccentric love life aside, I really wish she'd realize what a great contribution I could make to the ship and crew. I'm not as fast as the Delta Flyer, or as easily accessible as the generic shuttles, but I've got spirit! I've got heart! I've got--


Ohhh, I never thought of that. You're right.

I've got blackmail material. Tons of it.

Now . . . if I download my information to one of the gelpacks, and then get it to download the information to a padd on the Captain's desk . . . Along with a little "suggestion" at the bottom that the Captain help me realize my full potential or else the information goes to Lt. Paris. . . .

Yes, I think I just might get to see the Delta Quadrant up close and personal after all!

- - - -
The End

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