"Pillow Talk"

DS9: Sisko/Worf; Rated R; drabble

"Wow!" Sated, Ben Sisko sprawled across his bed.

Worf leaned over and licked the sweat off the captain's brow in long, deliberate strokes that reminded Ben of activities indulged in just moments before.

"Klingon sex is interesting," Ben said. "Very physical and somewhat painful."

"That is a bad thing?"

Ben smiled, running a hand over the scratches on Worf's chest. "Pleasure, pain: sometimes it's hard to separate the two."

Worf snorted. "Please tell me you're not like other humans and like to talk afterward."

Ben wrapped his hands in Worf's long hair and pulled. "Talk's cheap," he growled, "let's fuck."

Copyright April 2005 by Cait N.

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