"State of Phlox"

ENT: T'Pol/Phlox; Rated R; Bad Character Title Challenge

2006 ASCEML Awards - 1st Place ENT Drabble; tie 3rd Place ENT Challenge; 3rd Place Improbable Pairings Challenge

The pets had been fed. He'd scattered candles and incense throughout the room. Phlox grinned. With any luck there wouldn't be a medical emergency.

The door to his quarters opened and T'Pol entered.

"Welcome to the state of Phlox." He threw open his robe, revealing his naked body. "Choose your destination."

"Shut up and disrobe."

Phlox hurriedly complied. "What do you have planned for tonight?"

Ignoring his question, she unzipped her suit revealing a blood-red bra with matching panties.

"You look sexy in red."

"And you talk too much. Let's copulate."

He loved a woman who knew what she wanted.

Copyright October 2006 by Cait N.

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