"Ocean and Sky"

CSI: Grissom & Sara; Rated G

At first, she didn't see the man sitting on the driftwood.

"It's almost hypnotic."

She studied him before answering. "What is?"

He gestured toward the gently rolling surf. "The in-and-out of the waves. I understand why it's a favorite subject of poets."

"You have a romantic side."

"I have many sides."

She smiled. "Gil Grissom, entomologist and Las Vegas CSI."

He squinted into the sun. "You were at my lecture. Second row."

"Sara Sidle," she reminded him. "I had questions about norsobeta..."

"Oderata," he finished. He scooted over a bit, making room on the washed-up wood. "Care to join me?"

Copyright 2006 by Cait N.

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