"O is for Ocampa"

VOY: Benarin/Martis; Rated G; Alphabet Series #15

"Benaren, the baby's kicking again." Martis watched in wonder as her belly undulated and changed shape with the movements of her unborn baby.

"It's a girl," her husband said, smiling. "I promise you, it's a girl."

"Why do you say that? It could just as easily be a boy."

He shook his head and laid his hand on his wife's stomach, feeling the movements of the tiny being within. "Only a girl would be that restless. She's going to go places, mark my words."

"Maybe she'll even live aboveground," Martis said wistfully.

"I think Kes will do that, and more."

Copyright July 2006 by Cait N.

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