"M is for Mugato"

TOS/VOY: Janeway, Torres, Kirk/male; Rated PG; Alphabet Series #13

"What're you reading?"

"You know how someone found Kirk's personal logs from his first five- year mission aboard Enterprise? Volume one isn't on the market yet, but I pulled a few strings and got an advanced copy."

"How is it?"

"Fascinating. But I did find something strange. In talking about his brush with the Mugato, he describes the horn as 'eighteen centimeters of the most powerful tool I've ever encountered'."

"Why's that strange?"

"I've met a Mugato, Janos. His horn is roughly thirty centimeters."

"So you think Kirk was talking about another type of 'horn'?"

"With James Kirk, anything is possible."

Copyright June 2006 by Cait N.

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