TOS: Kirk/Spock; Rated R; Christmas, humor

"Mmmm, that was nice," Kirk commented, lost in the afterglow of some of the best sex he'd ever had.

"Indeed," Spock agreed. He tucked Kirk in closer to his side and idly stroked the other man's arm.

They were entwined on Kirk's bed, full of holiday punch, decadent desserts, and Christmas cheer. They'd left the party as soon as decorum allowed, both eager to start their own private Christmas celebration. Spock didn't observe the holiday, even though he was half human, but Jim seemed to enjoy it so much, he'd relented and joined in the festivities. Uhura's singing hadn't been too bad, even when accompanied by Chekov and Sulu, and the crew had seemed to relish the break in routine. He imagined that being far away from family at this time could be somewhat lonely and depressing.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

"I was thinking about the party tonight," Spock confessed. His hand wandered to Jim's bare chest. He loved the different feel of it -- such a contrast to his own hair-covered torso. However bare Jim's chest was, his bush more than made up for it. Sometimes when Spock had his face buried between Jim's thighs, he thought he was being smothered by a sehlat. "Yeah, it was good, even though it had its moments." Kirk pressed his crotch against Spock's leg, rubbing against him. Even after only a few short minutes, he could feel himself getting hard again.


"Like Scotty spiking the punch with that scotch, and the mistletoe being stolen."

"Captain," Spock started, but Kirk interrupted him.

"When you call me that, in the bedroom, I know something's up."

Spock tried again. "Jim, I have a confession about the mistletoe."

"You took it?" Kirk raised his eyebrows. "What kind of naughty idea do you have this time?"

"I didn't just take it, Jim, I ate it."

"Ate it?!" Kirk sat up in bed. "Spock, why?"

"I believed that if it's aphrodisiac powers were so great that people kissed when just standing under it, logic dictates that it would be more potent if it were ingested."

Kirk started to laugh.

"I fail to see the humor."

"Oh, t'hy'la," Kirk wiped tears from his eyes. "First of all, I don't know how it would affect Vulcans, but mistletoe is slightly toxic to humans when ingested. Secondly, that mistletoe you ate was plastic!"

Spock raised his right eyebrow. "That would explain the strange aftertaste."

Copyright December 2003 by Cait N.

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