"Lyre, Lyre"

TOS: Spock, Uhura; Rated G; drabble; Follow up to "Concentration is Everything" from Spock's pov.

I can't help but feel her desire. The quickening of her heart, the rise in body temperature, the way her breaths come in short little gasps.

I want to ask her about these emotions, whether it's the lyre that affects her so, or if it's me. But I know I should ignore everything except what I am here for; lyre lessons, nothing more, nothing less.

Her scent -- sandalwood and orchids -- plays havoc with my emotions.

"Spock, is something wrong?"

"No, lieutenant." I can't let her know her affect on me.

Something tells me it's going to be a long night.

Copyright August 2005 by Cait N.

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