"K is for Klingon"

TOS: Spock, McCoy, Kirk/male; Rated PG; Alphabet Series #11

The three were in Kirk's quarters enjoying a bottle of brandy. The entity was banished from the ship, and the Klingons had made repairs and left the system.

"You look pensive, doctor," Spock commented.

"I guess I am," McCoy admitted. "I just wish I could have examined one of the Klingons. I'd give my right arm to know their physiology, their anatomy. How different are they?"

"Three balls and ridges all the way up," Kirk muttered without thinking.

Spock and McCoy both stared at their captain.

"What was that?" McCoy questioned.

Flustered, Kirk grabbed the bottle of brandy. "Refill anyone?"

Copyright May 2006 by Cait N.

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