"J is for Jem'Hadar"

DS9: Kira, Ezri; Rated R; drabble; Alphabet Series #10

"Okay, you know who my 'forbidden fuck' aboard the station is, who's yours?"

Ezri leaned closed and confided, "I want to have sex with a Jem'Hadar."

Kira's jaw dropped. "Why? They're genetically engineered killing machines. They live for only one thing: to do the bidding of their 'Gods.' They're all male, so they don't get the urge to procreate or fornicate."

"They're engineered for stamina and there's a rawness about them that appeals to me. I imagine they'd approach sex with the same fervor they do killing."

"Do they even have genitals?"

Ezri shrugged. "I'd still like to fuck one."

Copyright June 2006 by Cait N.

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