"I is for Information"

NCIS; Palmer, Tony, McGee, Ziva; Rated PG-13

"What are you two talking about over there?" Ziva asked, looking at Tony and Jimmy suspiciously.

"Guy talk. You wouldn't understand," Tony answered dismissively.

"Actually, Tony, she might--"

"Hey, I'm a guy," McGee interrupted.

"Feeling left out, are we, Tiny Tim?"

"Sorry, Tim," Palmer apologized. "It's just, I had a couple of guy questions."

"Again, I'm a guy," Tim pointed out.

"It's about s-e-x," Palmer spelled out in a loud whisper. "No offense, but if I want computer advice, I see you; if I want 'that' kind of advice, I see Tony."

Tony gave McGee a smug smile. "Why visit a Starbucks when you can travel to Italy and get the real thing?"

"I still don't see why you would be seeking sexual advice from him," Ziva said. "He's a player."

"Just because I have a healthy appreciation of women doesn't mean I'm a pig."

"I didn't call you a pig."

"Same thing."

"You're out with a different woman every weekend."

"Excuse me," Palmer said, but everyone ignored him.

Tony laughed. "You say that like it's a bad thing. I'm out there experiencing life. At least I'm not holed up in my apartment with nothing but a box of wine and a typewriter."

"Hey!" McGee protested.

Palmer tried interrupting again. "Excuse me."

"Don't pick on McGee just because someone points out how alone you really are."

"Thanks, but I don't need you to defend me, Ziva."

Amidst the ensuing three-way argument, Palmer slipped silently away and got back in the elevator. He knew he should have stuck with his original plan and bought a book at Barnes and Noble.


Copyright 2010 by Cait N.

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