"I is for Iconian"

TNG: m/f; Rated PG; humor; drabble; Alphabet Series #09

Known as "Demons of Air and Darkness," the Iconians were rulers of countless worlds. Their innovations in science and technology were phenomenal.

So what could have caused their downfall, relegating them to the annals of myth and legend? A supernova? A cataclysmic natural disaster? Attack from a more advanced society? Did their own greed and power-lust cause a civil war of unparalleled proportion?

Or was it a horny weapons engineer named Oo'when who snuck in his girlfriend, and in their passion, spilled wine onto the defense mainframe causing a short that initiated a planets-wide irreversible self-destruct?

We may never know.

Copyright June 2006 by Cait N.

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