"Good Hygiene"

CSI: Sara/Sofia implied; Rated PG.

"All I'm sayin' is that people should have good hygiene. There's no excuse for it." Nick stuffed a handful of french fries in his mouth after that profound statement.

"So you think there should be some hygiene gene that everyone is born with, and some people just happen to be born without it? That's their excuse?" Greg was playing the Devil's advocate in the discussion.

"What about free will, choice? Some people just like being slobs." Sara mixed the dressing in her salad and speared a piece of lettuce with her fork. "My place won't ever be featured in Better Homes and Gardens."

Greg nodded his head in agreement.

"What are you doing?" Sara wondered. "When have you seen the inside of my apartment?"

"Well, uh." Greg was suddenly very interested in the composition of his chicken salad sandwich.

"I'm not talking about where you live," Nick clarified. "That's a whole 'nother story. I'm talking about taking a shower on a regular basis, wearing clean clothes, combing your hair for Pete's sake."

Greg added, "Don't forget brushing your teeth."

"Oh yeah, that whole bad breath, yellow teeth thing is a definite turn off." Nick shuddered.

"Are we talking about people you're interested in dating or the human race in general?" Sara teased.

"What are we talking about?" Sophia said, entering the room and taking the last available seat. She popped the top on her diet soda.

"Good hygiene."

"Or the lack thereof."

"Ah," she said, understanding, "the Mahoney case."

"Is that the case you rolled on earlier?" Greg asked Nick.

"Yeah." He put down his hamburger and leaned forward. "I mean, the crime scene was a mess, of course, but this guy." He shook his head. "Discounting all the blood and gore from the stab wounds, this guy hadn't seen the inside of a tub or shower in at least a couple of weeks. Hair all greasy and matted with dirt. I had to scrape under his nails for trace. I dug out more dirt than's in my mother's flower bed." He leaned back in his chair. "People gotta have good hygiene. It should be a law."

"He wasn't homeless?" Sara asked.

Sophia shook her head. "Inherited the house from his parents and, from all indications, he had been living there since inheriting."

"I think you're stuck, Nick," Sara said. "Unless you want to wage a one-man campaign against bad personal hygiene, you've got to accept that people aren't always going to be as squeaky clean as you'd like them to be." She took another bite of salad.

Greg noticed she had a smear of salad dressing near the corner of her mouth. He laughed.


"You've got a thing," Nick said, gesturing to her face.

She wiped at her sparkling clean cheek, missing the smudge by a long shot.

"Here." Sophia got up and bent over Sara. Her tongue flicked out and she slowly licked the salad dressing from the corner of Sara's mouth.

The boys were speechless.

So was Sara.

"Mmm," Sophia said, straightening up and licking her lips. "Bleu cheese, I believe." She gave the group a big smile, winked at Sara, and walked out.

Copyright February 2007 by Cait N.

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