"New Friends and Old Lovers"

Jadzia/f; Rated R; FFF

FFF Silver Labia Award, Round XVII - tied for Best DS9 Story
2005 ASCEML Awards - 3rd Place DS9 Other Slash

"I love him, of course I do, but he's different here." Jadzia Dax threw up her hands and plopped down into a beanbag type chair. Lately, talking about Worf was more exasperating than exhilarating.

"Different how?" Arandis asked. She was the chief facilitator and social director for the Temtibi Lagoon on Risa. She'd also been one of Curzon Dax's lovers.

"He's different because he's not different."

"You've lost me," Arandis said, shaking her head.

"This is our vacation," Jadzia tried to explain. "We're supposed to be doing nothing more than relaxing and enjoying time away from the station, from our jobs. Instead he's walking around like he's got a painstick up his ass!"

"I think I understand now," Arandis answered. She got up, a small smile playing around her lips, and walked behind Jadzia. Her long fingers started kneading the tense muscles around Jadzia's neck and shoulders.

"Ahhhh," Jadzia closed her eyes, "you don't know how good that feels."

"I can take a guess."

"Curzon always loved your massages."

"Among other things," Arandis quipped.

"Yes," Jadzia smiled, "among other things."

Arandis withdrew her hands. "Lie down."

Jadzia stretched out on the floor, her sliver bathing suit in stark contrast against the black throw rug. She propped her head on her hands and asked, "Is this okay, or do you want me on my stomach?"

"You're fine," Arandis said, moving to sit beside her. "Just relax and concentrate on the sensations."

"Yes, ma'am." Jadzia obligingly closed her eyes. She let the warmth of the candles penetrate her skin, while the sound of the nearby ocean was tranquil and familiar.

Jadzia felt hands on her feet, kneading and stroking.

She sighed. "That's nice."

Arandis's hands moved in gentle patterns: over Jadzia's ankles, calves, and back down to her feet. Gradually the touch got firmer. Up over the knees to the thighs. Jadzia's legs were urged apart with insistent fingertips. Nails scraped lightly down the inside of her thighs.

"Mmmmm." Jadzia squirmed a little, feeling the familiar tightness in the vee between her legs.

The fingers became bolder, trailing across the taut bathing suit material over Jadzia's sex. Any lighter and it would have tickled. Any harder and it would have been itchy. Not too light, not too firm, just right.

Jadzia felt the material of the suit pulled aside and a mouth, warm and wet clamp over her clit. Tongue delving between swollen lips, teeth grazing her clit.

Jadzia arched her back.

Lela murmured in delight

Tobin felt faint.

Emony begged for more.

Audrid blushed.

Torias thought longingly of Lenara.

Joran was bored.

Curzon remembered Arandis's mouth doing other, equally wicked things.

It was everything Dax had imagined and nothing that Jadzia wanted.

"Stop!" she yelled, pushing Arandis away and sitting up, straightening her bathing suit, calming her racing heart.

"What's wrong? Did I do something? I know how Curzon liked--"

"I'm not Curzon!"

"I know. I'm sorry," Arandis apologized.

Jadzia got up and walked to the window, staring out into the encroaching darkness, not seeing anything other than her own reflection. "It's just not what I want."


"Yes... No."

Arandis asked patiently, "What do you want?"

"More than what Curzon settled for," Jadzia said in barely a whisper.

"You're saying Curzon 'settled' for me?"

"I'm saying that Curzon was perpetually horny and you gave good jamaharon."

"I see." Arandis paused. "You shouldn't have to _settle_ for anything."

"You know what I want? What I really want? As corny as it sounds, I want warm feet and mussed hair and crumbs in my bed and prune juice splashed on my sheets so that I end up sleeping in the sticky spot. I want to fight for the covers and do quick, playful battles over the vid-remote. I want to wake up to someone else's alarm, and force them to listen to me read just one more fascinating passage in the book I'm devouring. I want someone to reach over and scratch that one tiny area of my back that I can't reach, yet always seems to itch."

She looked back over her shoulder at Arandis, tears dried and forgotten on her face. "And I want Worf to be that someone."

A smile slowly spread across Arandis's face. "Does Worf know what a lucky son-of-a-targ he is?"

Jadzia smiled back. "Not yet, but I'll keep reminding him."

"Can we at least be friends?" Arandis asked, a hopeful look on her face.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Jadzia walked over and enveloped her in a tight hug. "I might not be taking new lovers, but I can always use a good friend." She pulled back and kissed Arandis on the cheek. "Especially an old one."

Arandis laughed. "It's a good thing I know what you mean." She pulled away, keeping her arm around Jadzia's waist. "Want to go get a drink?"

"As long as it's a Black Hole."

"You still drink that?" Arandis curled up her nose.

"Some things never change," Jadzia said with a grin.


Copyright May 2004 by Cait N.

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