"Five Reasons Angela Should Go Out With Hodgins"

Jack & Angela; Rated G

1. He looks at her like there's no one else in the room, like she's the only one who matters. It's a cliche, but until someone else brings Hodgins down to Earth, he only has eyes for her.

2. He already knows what she does for a living so she doesn't have to worry he'll freak out or be turned off by it (like that other wus boy she dated).

3. He's from money. True, Angela doesn't seem materialistic, but it's still a point in his favor.

4. At the end of the day, if she needed to vent or just talk about work, he'd listen. On the other hand, if she needed an escape from work, he'd be more than willing to wrap his arms around her and make her forget her troubles.

5. He's cute (in a non-traditional squint kind of way).

Copyright October 2006by Cait N.

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