"D is for Deltan"

TOS: Rand, Ilia/m; Rated PG; drabble; Alphabet Series #4

Janice toyed with her lunch. "I know you have to take the Oath of Celibacy and all, but weren't you ever tempted..."

"To break it?" Ilia finished.

Janice nodded.

"Once," Ilia finally answered. "My first year at the Academy. I was young and thought I could control them. I was wrong."


"My sexual appetites." She sighed. "There was this boy, a year older, on the security track... it turned out to be a huge mistake."

"Where is he now?"

Her last memory of him: eyes wide and empty, drool trickling out the corner of his mouth. "We lost touch."

Copyright April 2006 by Cait N.

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