"C is for Cooperation"

NCIS; Ensemble; Rated PG

"Come on, Abby, you can do it!" Kate called encouragement to her teammate.

"I'm trying. I'm a forensic scientist, not a mountain climber!"

Tony looked down at the top of Abby's pigtailed head. "That's right, lab rat, eat my dust."

Whoever had come up with the brilliant idea for a rock-wall climbing exercise to build trust and foster teamwork must have been smoking something illegal when they got the bright idea. Divided into two teams, they were having "races" to the top, just to "keep things interesting" Tony had said. Of course he was on the team with McGee and Palmer, competing against Kate, Abby and Ducky. Gibbes, as usual, was conspicuously absent.

Abby was certainly giving it her best, but she wasn't in as good a physical shape as Tony, even with her bowling league and Habitat for Humanity work. He also had an advantage in his longer legs and arms.

"Hey, Abby," Kate called up, "Tony said you have a fat ass."

"That will never work, my dear, Kaitlin," Ducky whispered. In a louder voice he called up, "Actually, Abigail, I believe he said that Major Mass Spec was old, dated and should have been retired years ago."

Abby gave a fierce growl and glared up at Tony. He got a panicked look in his eyes and gave a nervous chuckle. "Abbs, you know I would never--"

As she began to climb with renewed determination and energy that was quite impressive, he gave a squeal and started scrambling frantically towards the top.


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