"As it Seems"

Kirk/m, Uhura, Chekov; Rated PG; based on a "first line" challenge

"Looks like I picked the wrong night not to fall in love."

The blonde at the bar gave Captain James T. Kirk a scathing look, picked up her drink, and moved on.

Jim watched her walk away, shrugged his shoulders and looked around for his next unsuspecting target.

At a table across the room, Nyota Uhura shook her head. "That's just pathetic."

"Yeah, too bad the captain can't seem to get a date tonight," Pavel Chekov agreed.

Uhura frowned at her drinking companion. "No, it's pathetic he's hitting on women: anyone can tell he's gay."

A fine spray of Russian vodka narrowly missed Uhura. Chekov wiped his mouth. "Sorry, but did you say 'gay'?"

Uhura looked at him incredulously. "You mean you didn't know?"

"How was I supposed to know? He's always talking about the women he's been with. And he doesn't wear a flashing sign that says 'homosexual. ' I just assumed, you know."

Uhura laughed, a musical sound that turned the head of more than one nearby patron. "Well, I've known from the first moment I met him. So has Janice and Christine. And Marla and Tonia. Practically all the women aboard I've talked to."

"But if the captain is... gay, why does he hit on women and not men?"

Uhura sighed and reminded herself how young Chekov was. "Because he has this image to uphold. Larger-than-life starship captain who's the golden-boy of Starfleet? Has to be heterosexual. Can't be gay. At least not openly, flaunt-it-in-your-face gay.

"So he goes out on dates with women, makes the appropriate comments straight guys would make about women, keeps his real relationships very very hush-hush. In fact," she leaned forward conspiratorially, "his most recent lover just walked in the door."

Chekov whipped his head around so fast Uhura thought it was going to spin right off. She looked on with barely-concealed amusement as he scanned everyone near the door, searching for a familiar face. She knew when he found it because his jaw dropped wide enough to swallow a sehlat. "But that... that's..."

"Uh huh," Uhura said, voice laced with conceit. "And I'll bet you a bottle of that precious Russian vodka, that they leave together, within the next, oh, seven minutes."

Uhura watched along with Chekov as the two men circled the room, each seemingly unaware of the other.

The seven minutes was almost up, and Uhura was mentally calculating how much a high-end bottle of vodka would cost her, when the two men met up in the center of the room. Kirk lightly touched the other on the arm. As if by tacit agreement, they headed for the exit. Uhura could see their fingers imperceptibly touching as they left the bar together.

"Ha!" she exclaimed, beaming with satisfaction.

"Damn!" Chekov said morosely. "I was so sure the captain didn't even know Cyrano Jones had come in!"

"Let that be a lesson that not everything is as it seems." She held up a finger signaling the waiter. "By the way," she said to Chekov, "I prefer Stoli."


Copyright September 2005 by Cait N.

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