"Amok Snakes"

TOS: Kirk, Spock, McCoy; Rated G; humor; drabble

Kirk and Spock were fighting for T'Pring. So far they were evenly matched.

"Look, a snake!" Spock yelled, pointing at Jim's feet.

The distraction was all Spock needed to land a devastating blow.

"Excuse me," McCoy protested, "can I inject the captain with this completely harmless compound to compensate for the god-awful heat and humidity?"

T'Pau waved a hand. "Whatever."

McCoy jogged over where Jim was lying on the ground, still smarting from the blow and the snake ruse. "There wasn't any snake! Spock's cheating!" he complained to the doctor.

"Shut up and play dead," McCoy ordered, loading a hypo.

Copyright July 2006 by Cait N.

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