"All I Want for Christmas"

VOY: Paris/Torres; Rated G

"I'm part Klingon, what did you expect?"

"I expected you to have thome conthideration for my health and well-being," Tom countered. "You know - love, honor, and _cherish_."

"A lover's spat?" the doctor asked, as the couple walked into sickbay, still arguing.

"It's not a spat," B'Elanna answered.

"Uh-hmmm," the doctor said. "What seems to be the matter, Lieutenant?"

"It's not me," B'Elanna replied, crossing her arms.

Tom's face turned a light pink. "Juth don't athk how it happened," he said tersely, opening his mouth wide. His two front teeth were missing.

"I see," the doctor said, fighting back a grin.

Copyright 2003 by Cait N.

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